When it’s time to sound the alarm, it’s imperative to BE HEARD!


The ambient noise in oil and gas fields can be overwhelming, so loud that making workers on site aware of an accident or emergency situation is nearly impossible. That’s why we developed a solution that can cut through the din and get personnel out of harm’s way. Our emergency sirens pump out up to 143 decibels and can be operated manually or automatically triggered by calibrated monitors. To protect those who supply our energy, it’s a must for any oil or gas worksite.



In a world that includes terrorism, mass shootings and medical outbreaks, the need to speak clearly and coherently to the masses has never been more important. Being able to broadcast Mass Voice Notifications (MVNs) up to four square miles when a situation dictates can mean the difference between life and death for hundreds, if not thousands. Strategically located systems in dense urban centers, or mobile units situated at concerts, festivals, and other places where masses gather are critical to any preparation plan.


Oceans and other large bodies of water are both loud and expansive. Having the ability to communicate with those along the shores is as important as ever. Our alert system allows for emergency alerts and verbal commands to be heard over the sound of oceans and vast coastlines.


Be Heard, Loud & Clear